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Paratype "slab"

Parametric typography is a course about analysis of the relations between the typographic shapes of the letters. The analysis is then translated in mathematical models that can reproduce different part of a fonts parametrically using RoboFont and the powerful RoboFab library.
A lot of fonts.

My work group focused on the behavior of slab serifs and the various optical correction that are applied when a sans is turned in to a serif. I developed a crude but effective way of finding the intersection between a bézier curve and a line or another bézier, this permitted us to cut raw shapes with high precision.

Were the bézier intersection has been used

Project realized during the course of “Parametric typography”, held by professor Luciano Perondi, ISIA Urbino, A.A. 2013/2014.
Riccardo Govoni, Bianca Maldini, Giovanni Pignoni.


"braccio-mecc" is degenerated exercise started from the basic assignment to experiment with matrix. Try in your browser, the new p5.js version here.

Project realized during the course of “Mathematic for design”, held by professor Igino Marini, ISIA Urbino, A.A. 2012/2013.


Pallinator is a small project, a simple python script that redraws a font using a grid of shapes. It can be adapted to do many thing, including recursive typography.

Personal project - 2015